South Herts Gas Retired Employees Association
South Herts Gas REA
We have recently been sent these Black & White Photos of times past by a member.
Could you help us identify any faces you know; click here and send us an email.
Please identify the Photos as 1 - 7 in your response; they are on a slide show with 10 seconds delay between each one.
I have received the photos above from one of our members asking the question does anybody recognise those shown.

"Hi John, a customer of mines father seen here presenting an award at Rickmansworth depot was Stanley Tomkins, he was district manager around the early fifty's, seen here with him are the local engineers of the time most of whom have been identified but some have not , I would be most grateful if any one can identify the unnamed lads for his daughter & posterity !,
I will list them from left to right within the picture.....
Left Picture
1=? 2=? 3=? 4=Albert Elliot 5=John Lambert 6 =Charlie Ross 7=Bill Gough 8=? 9=Nobby Clark 10=Dennis Bottom 11 Stanley Tomkins 12=Dick Edwards 13 = Cyril Hubbard 14=Steve Walker .
Right Picture
1=? 4=?
Please click on photo for full picture,
Many Thanks Keith"
Please email me(John) from the link above with any comments, thank you;
apologies for the graininess of these picture but I trust you are able to help.
One of our Member's identified the man on the right (Standing) in all the photos; the question now is, where is he? His name is        Roger Birch. Please email me here if you know