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Changes to the National Grid UK Pension Scheme 2016
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Changes to the Scheme click here

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Q&A's click here

Additional Q&A's click here

Our Secretary's report on the teleconference, click here

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Any questions please contact the Committee team of
Pat Plumb, John Miller & Tony Courtney -
their contact details are shown on the Member's Area page,
which is password controlled.
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The latest updates as at 15th November 2016
are shown below

2016 Changes to the Scheme - November update*, click here

Section A Letter click here
Section A booklet click here

Section B letter click here
Section B booklet click here

Section C letter click here
Section C booklet click here

There are links contained in these letters (not booklets), that take you direct to the correct page on the National Grid website. They have been tried and seem to work,
although not in the *update page.
Any problems contact one of the above.
Our Secretary has a telephone conference with the
Board of Trustees
scheduled for Wednesday 23rd Nov, 2.00pm.
feed any questions you have by email, to him by 22nd.
Contact details on the Member's Area of this website.
The latest updates as at 8th December 2016
are shown below

2016 Changes to the Scheme December update, Click here
Full Statement Announcing the Sale of NGGD, Click Here
Newspaper Report, Click here
The latest updates as at 21st July 2017 are shown below

New Gas Distribution company name announced
On 31 March, National Grid completed the sale of a 61% stake in National Grid Gas Distribution (NGGD) - the sponsoring company of Section C. On 2 May, it was announced that NGGD will now be known as Cadent. Please click here for further information.
If youíre a member of Section C, please be reassured that this announcement has no impact on your accrued pension benefits. The new owners are fully supportive of the sectionalisation of the scheme and your benefits remain safe, secure and well supported.
For further information on Section C, please click here
Pensioners & Dependants; General Information: and Latest News
Trustee Changes 2017-8

Download a copy of the latest information from National Grid concerning the proposed changes to the Member's Elected Trustees, click here.

There are links on the original download which have been removed and you should follow this link to the NG website, please click here


Pensioners & Dependants, General Information and Latest News.

Pension Increases 2018

Pensions payable from the National Grid UK Pension Scheme are reviewed in April each year and increased in line with the percentage increase in the Retail Prices Index (RPI) for the 12 months up to the previous September.
This year the main annual pensions increase will be 3.9%, which is in line with the increase in the RPI for the 12 months up to September 2017. This will be applied with effect from Monday 9 April 2018.
If you are a man under age 65, or a woman under age 60 at the increase date, your whole pension will be increased by this amount and you will receive details in your April payslip.
However, if you are a man over age 65, or a woman over age 60, your National Grid pension is likely to include whatís known as a Guaranteed Minimum Pension or GMP. Different increases apply to the GMP part of your pension, and depending on when you reached or will reach State Pension Age, some increases to your Scheme pension may be paid by the State.

National Grid UK Pension Scheme
Trustee Board

Ballot papers have been sent out and should have been received by all Member's of the NG UK Pension Scheme.

How to vote
Voting packs will be arriving on eligible membersí doorsteps from 2 February. Each pack contains:
Election booklet: this provides an overview of the process, the role of a Trustee, and candidate statements for each member standing as a Trustee in your section of the Scheme.
Ballot paper: this contains two unique IDs that youíll need to use to submit your votes online. Alternatively you can casts your votes on the ballot paper and return it using the pre-paid envelope provided
Remember that you must not vote for more than two candidates.
Voting closes at 5pm on Friday, 9 March 2018 so make sure you have your say before itís too late!
Announcing the winners
Electoral Reform Services (ERS) is administering the election process on behalf of the Scheme to ensure that it is fair and impartial. Once ERS has counted all the votes, the winners will be announced and will take up their post from 1 April 2018. Look out for an update on this page in early April.